Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Why 'More Than Liberty'? (Isn't liberty enough?)

The biggest obstacle to my starting to blog wasn't thinking of things to say - far from it! The problem that wandered across my minds at odd moments here and there was what to call the blog. Honestly, naming children is bad enough.

I decided that it needed to be something that spoke to me, and might, possibly, speak to other people too. I decided, on that basis, that I'd go for something English, as opposed to Latin or Greek. I decided that it should say something about God - after all, this blog is a kind of overflow pipe for all my spare God-thoughts. In the end, I decided that my own words should shelter under the ample wing of the words of the Christian tradition, and on that basis, I started thinking about my favourite hymns. So this is what I came up with, and this is why being a Christian is, indeed, about 'more than liberty':

There's a Wideness in God's Mercy

The first verse goes like this:

There's a wideness in God's mercy,
Like the wideness of the sea;
There's a kindness in His justice,
Which is more than liberty.
There is no place where earth's sorrows
Are more felt than up in Heaven;
There is no place where earth's failings
Have such kindly judgment given.

That's the God I believe in, love and trust. And this blog is all about Him, and me.



  1. Very brave it is too Lucy, ....to share your special thoughts. :-) thank you. x

  2. What a privilege to read your blog Lucy - thank you so much for sharing with us.